Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Thankful

I am so, so thankful for him...


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pinterest Makes me Crafty

I have described Pinterest, to those who haven't experienced it, as a "time suck". This is not to say that it sucks, but that I find myself transported magically to a time, hours in the future with no knowledge of how I got there, but a board full of cute things I pinned.

::shakes fist::

But all that pinning certainly has it's advantages... especially when it comes to satisfying my crafting bug.

I try to sew and be crafty, but most of the time I find myself with no time after the kidlet, the blog and the cooking/maintenance of the house. But I love it. And I LOVE the end results. Many of you will remember this project...

Sigh, I love wearing that apron around the house.

But the best part of Pinterest I have found is Christmas and Holiday Crafts. Because of hours spent pinning shit to the board, I am overflowing with ideas and cool crafty ideas to get my yule log burning. Thanksgiving may still be two days away but screw it... it's Christmas Crafting Time!!!

Here are some of the cute ones I've found on Pinterest so far.

They are just too freaking adorable for words! And these are just a small sampling of what I've found on Pinterest (check out my board for more)!! Some of the projects I've found are easy (hanging candy canes), some are ridiculously hard (origami Christmas balls... um no thanks) and others are just right for the Kidlet and I to do together. Too bad he's not so easily entertained by crafts, but hey... Mommy is!!

The biggest project that I have decided to take on this year is to make the Kidlet a stocking. In fact, I've pledged to make the whole family cool stockings that we will hopefully keep for a long time. This of course assumes that my sewing skills are up to snuff...

But because of Pinterest, I narrowed down my stocking choices to these...
Cute right? I think I'm going to do a hybrid of all of them and see how it comes out. I'm sure there will be much cussing, drinking and general shaking of the fist but I can't WAIT! Now, only 5 weeks to go until I put that baby up on the mantle...

What holiday projects are you planning this year? 

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