Friday, May 23, 2008

3-17-2008 The Trials and Tribulations of Planning a Wedding *or week by week when I have time*

So - I'm copying all of this from my Wedding Site Blog - So it all looks like it was posted today... it wasn't :-)

So we are about 6 months until go time. And for some reason, even the seasoned wedding planner that I am is getting a little tired with all of the details. I literally sat down with my friend and wedding planner (Geneene Thornton, waterfront weddings) and after three hours of deciding how to word the invitations (booooring) and what transportation to arrange (double decker buses anyone) and what flowers to get (can't we just pick them out of the yard??), I was completely ready to run away with Brian and elope. He's lucky because he hasn't had to do anything... this may change VERY soon.

I did have a small bridezilla meltdown on Friday though when I found out that the dresses that my bridesmaids were supposed to order are going out of stock. Permanently. And none of the girls had ordered them yet. Ugh. So after that round of extremely pleasant emails, it looks like everything is fine. I apologize in advance for having a momentary lapse of sanity and composure.

Other than that, we meet with the florist (and by "we" I mean my mother and I) on Wednesday and hopefully will be able to keep Mom's dreams of "Fabulous" yet "Inexpensive" in line with my dreams of not completely lame and not too many huge flowery froufy things and not a bazillion dollars. Weddings are expensive. Very Very Expensive.


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