Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to Reality

So it's over. Just like that. After all that planning, stressing, crying, freaking out... it's over. And of course the annoying part is that the event planner in me is going back over every little nitpicky detail like it matters anymore... *sigh*... it's pretty damn annoying.

But I am happy with the end result and with what people have told me about the reception (I swear to god I wasn't even THERE it went so fast)... I got married to the man of my dreams and we are going to make a wonderful life together... that's the best part.

We did have some fun up to the wedding and I do have some funny pictures from day of (at least the prep part). We went to a Jack Johnson concert the weekend before, had tons of activities to keep us running and keep me freaking out (thank you mom) and had a TON of fun at the rehearsal dinner, where I honestly think the food was better than the food at the wedding... we got it from a taco stand, go figure.

The day of the wedding was chaos, not to mention the fact that it was also hot and humid. I mean HONESTLY people, it's San Diego. Who would have thought it would be HUMID????? So please enjoy the thoroughly amusing pictures of me with my dress around my waist because seriously... it was hot.

Also everyone's hair turned out like crap (I believe that someone actually referenced my cousin Sam's hair as looking like a bird nest, but not in a good way... at this point I was like ROLLING on the ground laughing with the hilarity of it all)... mine included and involved us all redoing our hair at some point or another.

Also, it was so hot and I was so huge and bloated from the humidity that I broke my dress trying to get it zipped up... ooooh yes people... I broke it... and was actually safety pinned into my beautiful dress. That's really when I started chugging the champagne.

Ah well. But the best part was that I was surrounded by my family and friends and had a GREAT time overall... but am SOOOOO happy that it is over :-) Brian and I are so excited to be starting our life together and who knows where it will take us next!!!! Much love to everyone who came to the wedding and for those who didn't, we were thinking about you!!!

Now if only I didn't have to go back to work ... booooo.


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