Monday, June 8, 2009


What I feel like these days... (those are elephants if you can't tell...)

I have to say - this is kind of a boring part of pregnancy.

I have nothing exciting to report, no great pictures and my GOD we are boring these days. I'm of course a little clumsy as can be expected (or so I read)... as can be seen by my tumble down the stairs the other day *sigh*. It was not a traumatic fall, just a slip down two wet steps, but my GOD you would think I was a 5 year old kid by the way I sat on the step and bawled. These hormones have got to GO.

I have also managed to break a few plates and trip over everything... my god. I'm a klutz.

So this past weekend was great. I spent Saturday morning at the SD Zoo... ok, well more like an hour at the SD Zoo, but if you've ever been or worked there, you know that you run in, see what you want and get the hell out of dodge before the crowds appear. It was great; Went with my mom and ran in and out to see the new Elephant Odessey. It was visually very impressive, but after a few conversations with my keeper friends there... quality-wise, pretty standard. I'll not expound on that further.

So after our hour in the zoo, mom and I ran errands and looked at baby stuff. After all that running around, I proceeded to sleep and sit for the rest of the weekend. Phew! I sure do get exhausted easily these days. It's totally nuts.

So other than that, I'm working on the drama that is UCSD. In case you haven't read the papers, or seen the news, the state of CA is a little bit BROKE these days. This of course makes things difficult when you WORK for the state. So, we are all a little bit on edge at work, waiting for the ax to fall and fire us all... or furlough us... or cut our salaries. Ugh. Whatever... It's such madness.

Well on that happy note :-) The boy is still doing well and we are just growing growing growing these days. Always with the growing... hopefully I'll have some more to report... the life is just a little bit boring these days. But those are some darn cute giraffes.


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