Monday, April 12, 2010

Adding Up

So I really thought that when I stopped working, I would stop having that feeling of things just piling up and then that sinking feeling when you realize that you are a little bit overwhelmed.


I'm at that point right now. There are so many balls in the air besides taking care of this kiddo, that at the moment, I'm experiencing overwhelmingness. (I know, not even a word but it's definitely the way that I feel.)

Luckily, a quick snuggle with my kid I'm better. Or (and I'll post these pictures when I get a chance), just taking the kid to meet his first chicken, makes me smile.

For the record, we are definitely on a working farm.

We had a cow looking in our window the other morning and the chickens are clucking around in the henhouse. Exciting to be able to show Drew where I spent most of my summers as a child... and it will be great to show Brian, if he ever gets here. Flights are all WAY FULL and he is trying his hardest to get back here. God love the man. Especially since he just came off three days of work and is now BACK at the airport and trying to get on anything going east.

So even with all of the overwhelmingness I'm feeling, I'm really really lucky for all the good and fun things in my life.

Now does anyone want to handle some of the little things for me? Maybe I should hire a personal assistant...




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