Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Huge Weekend

So it was a HUGE weekend for the little man.

It was the 6th annual Fore Noah Golf Tournament.

It was his first time in Arizona.

It was his first time meeting his Auntie Lara, Uncle Andy and his cousins, Noah and Sara.

And it was his first time in a pool.


So a little bit about it all-

The Golf Tournament was a rousing success again, with even more people than before, and even included a helicopter ball drop. I mean, how COOL is that? As usual, everyone was amazing and excited to raise money for the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation (CNCF). Noah is still doing well and kicking cancer's ass... a fact for which we are all very grateful... If you want to learn more or make a donation, just click here. 

So yeah, the trip to get to this tourney. *sigh*

So we decided that we would drive because it just seemed like it would be so much easier. And to some extent, it was. I mean, we had a car, all of Drew's stuff, didn't have to borrow too much, or inconvenience people, but still people... a 5 hour drive with a 7 month old is


I had it all planned out that he would sleep for at least 1.5-2 hours (this was not a stretch... he had been doing it for the past week) we would take a break, play with him and then back into the car for another 1.5-2 hour nap and then we would be there!


Yeah, so when he woke up after the first hour and proceeded to SCREAM until we got to Yuma... we thought this might not have been the best idea. And then, when after our hour long trip to Cracker Barrel, he hopped in the car, slept for 45 minutes and then we were all but standing on our heads to make him happy, Brian said "I think you guys will be flying home on Monday".

Thank god we fly for free. YAY SOUTHWEST!

But once we got there, OMG he was so excited to have all the little people there. 4 of his 5 cousins were there and he was in heaven. And Cousin Sara who thought that Drew was just the shit. I mean, Drew is cool, but she was offering to change his diapers... Wow. Really?

Is 7 years old to young to babysit? Because I would totally pay her... :-) She was amazing.

So it was hot in Phoenix. (Big freaking surprise, I know). I mean, not as hot as it could be... only about 90... but our little man was nonplussed by the heat. So we tried the pool for the first time. And it was ok. The first time in he was a little nervous, but by his second day of pool time, he was splashing... and it was FUN! (he did however maintain a death grip on Mama for most of the time)

Bring on the swimming classes!!!

A great weekend overall and a great flight home on Monday... props to my awesome hubby who drove the car home and then commuted up to Oakland for a trip the same day. This poor guy needs a vacation!

Drew and Sara
Sean, Noah and Sara
The Pool! (And yes, that is mama, ROCKING the bikini. Oh lordy)
Drew and Daddy at the Golf Tourney!
Little Man
Miss Sara and I
Drew and the Cousins


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