Friday, April 9, 2010

We Made It

So wow - we are here at the farm... FINALLY.

The day started off well when I looked up at the airport to see an old friend from high school in the line for the plane. Lisa was headed back east as well and it was fantastic to have someone to talk to on the flight. She was amazing, since there weren't any seats for Drew and I had to hold him the whole time, which meant he liked to have his legs in her seat (read:arm/lap/waist) while I nursed him or he napped.

It was rough. And landing in BWI was also a little bit hairy thanks to a thunderstorm and holding patterns and lots of wind. Yuck. But we hopped back on another plane for the short jump to Albany, racing ahead of another storm, and finally got in about 10:30pm. The kid and I were FRIED by the time we finally got here, but he has adjusted fairly well.

We had breakfast with Granny and Poppy and now we are just enjoying freezing out butts off... they are saying that some areas will get snow tonight. I mean, honestly? It was 74 degrees yesterday. I hate east coast weather. 

So despite the exhaustion, we're just excited to be here! And happy that Brian will be joining us on Monday.


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