Thursday, May 27, 2010


I promise - we are alive.

Things are insane here though, as we have FINALLY started sleeping in the house (as of last night) and still have mountains of boxes everywhere.

We are in a holding pattern on a great number of them since we are going to be ripping out the countertops, painting the cabinets and installing new appliances. So damn, looks like I can't put any of the kitchen away.

It is raining here, by the way. And it has been raining now for three days.

Brian keeps telling me that this isn't' normal and that May is normally gorgeous and sunny and warm and that it will pass and not really come back until winter, but I keep harboring suspicions that he has actually moved me to Portland and I will never see the sun again.

I will take pictures and blog more when I have time... or get bored with putting away clothes. Whichever comes first.

Things are good though and despite the boxes and the mess, we are STOKED to be in Petaluma!

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laura said...

happy new home to you!!

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