Thursday, June 10, 2010


So once upon a time, long long ago, when we weren't in the middle of a hellacious move, a sort-of kitchen renovation and the various drama that is a new house, I actually blogged. I updated this damn thing on at least a weekly basis and wrote at least halfway intelligible stories about what Drew/Brian/I was doing. So yeah, sorry about the neglect.

With that behind us... We have spent since past Friday here in San Diego. The painter was finally at the house to remove those god-awful mauve/purple/NASTY walls and I figured that having a small child around paint fumes was not the best plan of attack. That and there just wasn't anyplace to put him because those crazy purple walls were in like, EVERY room.

So we flew down to SD, a flight that we are getting very accustomed to, and were picked up by both the parents, who proceeded to ignore me completely and instead gush and flip out over Drew. Yeah, I know, he's cute :-)

So we've been here now for almost a week and have gone to concert in the park, had Heather and Griffin over for a play date, and just relaxed. It's been so nice to just veg out and not have to unpack a box! Of course, it means that when we get home to Petaluma things are going to be insane. Brian says that it looks like we never unpacked... damnit.

Concert in the park was really the best. It was Drew's first time and he was a HOOT! He realized that in between the songs, people clapped, and so he had to clap. Sitting in his little high chair in the middle of all these people and clapping away like a maniac. It was completely and totally adorable.

So our time here is coming to an end, but it has been nice to be home to see the fam. I knew it was going to be tough to move, but the fact that we can come back as much as we want makes me feel so much better. We'll even be back down here in a few weeks... (to get my hair done... don't tell anyone)

Enjoy the pics of Drew!

Emptying the bucket at Concert

So here's a new toy!

Hrm, there's nothing in here...

Yea, not sure why everyone seems to like their glasses so much. Yawn.

Quick refresher course on how to clap.

clap clap clap clap

What feeding the baby feels like...

What is actually looks like (not much better, I know! :-))


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