Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We took our first swim class this weekend and it was a blast! In grand Ashley fashion, I have jumped into Petaluma activities with both feet, taking Drew to almost one playgroup a day, and enrolling him in swim classes at the swim club.

It was a scorcher last Saturday when we went to the PVAC for our class but were we surprised with we jumped into the pool... BRRRRR. It was 81 degrees but when it's 95 outside, that feels positively frigid. Drew loved it!

He took right to the water, and even let me dunk him up to his nose. Once we got past that point he had a habit of sniffing the water, so we'll need to work on that... but other than that, compared to some of the screaming kiddos, he was a rockstar.

Look out Michael Phelps... Here comes Drew!!! 

Pre swim with Dad :-) My boys looking adorable! 

Not so sure... 

But then - THIS IS COOL! 

Doggie Paddle (kind of)

"Diving Off" the side

Where did this little red-head come from?

Post sniffing water. Whoops! 

And we're ok...


Nice work kiddo! 


Shannon said...

Those pictures of you two in the pool are so stinking cute! It looks like everything is going swimmingly in your neck of the woods. Congrats!
-shannon & zoey

april said...

How fun! I can't wait to take Grey swimming.

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