Thursday, June 3, 2010


Also known as What Would Martha Do? 

So our kitchen needs some work... like serious work. But since we just bought the damn house, we obviously don't have the $$$ to start redoing everything in sight. So while, yes, we will be getting new appliances and countertops (that I got for a STEAL - go me) the cabinets will have to stay. 

So I thought about it. What do you do with horrendous cheap cabinets. Why PAINT them of course! And I decided that I wasn't just going to paint the outside, but the inside as well. So I know that they are a bold choice, and you have to understand that the cabinet itself will be white, but I just couldn't resist something a little more fun on the inside. 

Look out Martha Stewart, I'm coming for you... 

Before - omg, so bad right?

After - well at least partly after - :-) 

I'll take proper after pics when I'm done... but it's SO EXCITING- I just had to share with everyone! 

Now, the final product will not have purple walls... promise... 


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