Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Surprise

So Mama's little monkey enjoyed his first real Halloween.

We spent it with the cousins and my aunt and uncle, and then we got the BEST Halloween Surprise of all...

Holy crap Drew... That's BON BON!!!



YAAAAAY!!! BonBon and PopPop are here!!!

So my parents have spent their summer in New York... and we were expecting them to drive back to CA a few days after we were in Northern Virginia. We were sad, and a little bit dissapointed that they were going to miss the little Monkey's first real Halloween, but whatever...

That was until they walked in the door of my cousin's house... all dressed and ready for some trick-or-treating with the kiddo!!!! Apparently, they had been planning this for some time... I was ecstatic,  since I hadn't seen my parents since my surgery and Drew was... well, BESIDE himself.

It was the best Halloween Surprise EVER!!!

Uncle Jack the Witch
A Monkey... on a BICYCLE!

Cousin Katie - the princess/butterfly/ballerina


BonBon and PopPop - getting into the spirit of things!

Daddy and Drew


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