Thursday, December 23, 2010

In Case You Didn't Notice

It's been raining out here. 

Or should I say - MONSOONING. 

We actually have had it a LOT better than San Diego (which I find totally ironic), but that doesn't mean I haven't contemplated building an ark this past week. 

The last time we experienced a deluge like this, I complained and cried and carried on (sounds like I'm talking about my toddler, right?) and then solicited ideas from friends on how to entertain the Kid in weather like this. 

I got some GREAT ideas. We made forts, we baked cookies (what a flippin mess), we cleaned (can't pass that one up, really) and had a pretty good time of it. This of course isn't to say that anytime the rain even PAUSED we weren't racing out the door to play on the sidewalk. The backyard is completely off limits until it dries up a bit... and I go on poop patrol for Madison. 

So we survived. And I'm sure there will be more rain in the future, but we seem to have figured it out! 

For now. 

Here's how to entertain a kid in the rain... 

Play in PAPER!!! 

Look at how wet his shirt is... think he might be teething? 

Wrap presents

Practice opening mouth as wide as Little Leap

Wrestle with the dog and her toy

Expand your mind with flash cards... :-) 

Bake! Or rather, while Mama bakes, play with the strainer. 


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