Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year

So its a new year! And I am still writing about Christmas. 
Pathetic, I know.
And trust me, I am desperate to get the holidays behind us. But I still need to tell you about our holiday... And in an effort to conserve everyone's valuable time, I will be brief. 

Christmas was spent at Grandma's house (my mother in law) along with the whole Fitting clan. 
Ok, well just the immediate clan because if all of them were there it would total something like 50 people. 
Which my only-child brain has a hard time wrapping itself around. 

There was ping pong with the cousins...

Our new obsession - CARS

More presents...
Guess how long this stayed on his head? Yeah, not long. 

More presents... 
Drew, meet George. Your new obsession. 

Like BIG obsession. It was really cute. 

And more presents. 
It was total gluttony. 
Why play WITH the toy when you can play ON it??? 
George was the big hit. Who knew it only took a stuffed monkey and a box? 

 There was more quality time with Cousin Noah... 

Some couch drumming with Sarah... 

And snuggles with Uncle Andy. 

There was some J-Crew modeling... 

And feet marveling. This is what happens when you get sick and lose weight. You can see your feet finally!!! 

There was a new chair at home... 

And monkeying around with Dad. 

To top it all off there was some quality time with Bon Bon and Pop Pop... as well as Pop Pop's new helicopter... 

Overall, it was a great holiday! 

The End. 


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