Thursday, February 17, 2011

Check List

So my New Year's resolutions seem to be coming along nicely.

*I have painted one whole room - I only need to touch up the ceiling and add some artwork to be completely  finished.

*I started the HUGE ANNOYING Master Bedroom and Bathroom from hell project. TBD on when that bastard will be finished... but I'm hoping for end of March, before friends show up.

*I have actually sewed something. YAY!
Ok so technically I didn't really "sew" as opposed to "serge" these... but whatever. I made cloth diaper inserts.
And for anyone who cares, and wants to make their own? I used a top layer of microchamois, with a layer of organic bamboo french terry, and then the quilted fabric is a single piece of Zorb. I found that these two very slim layers, with a microfiber doubler that I got on sale from Style Child in San Diego are AWESOME! And not nearly as bulky as all the layers I was using with the GCloth.

Note - You can't buy all this fabric at your local JoAnn's, but I got mine from Wazoodle. According to reviews their customer service can be pretty spotty, but I had a great experience with them.

I also just bought a bunch of fun cheap fabric as well from Walmart (who KNEW they carried fabric??) that I'm making a wet bag and bean bags out of. The latter was a genius idea from a girlfriend to harness my child's excellent and often dangerous throwing arm.

Anyway - just an update... I'll let you know when I start making my own clothes or something :-)

I wouldn't hold my breathe on that one though...


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