Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Discovery Museum - Part Deux

So after that amazing time way back in August, when we bought our membership and proceeded to never use it again, we knew we had to return.

This time around, it was a little more fun, and a lot more exhausting.

This time there was running, chasing, trying to keep their germy hands out of their mouths and resisting the urge to douse them in antibacterial hand-wash.

We went with a few friends again, and this time the weather cooperated. The Discovery Museum, nestled at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands, was enjoying the best of both worlds. The fog from the bay mixed with the inland sunshine to create a gorgeous spring day in the middle of winter. I love it... even if we do need the rain.

We enjoyed the same fun room, the Tot Room. With the same bumble bee costume... Mama can't help it kid.

Only this time... look at you! Such a grown up kid now! 

We hit the pond room again and it entranced you like it always does... 

The best part was, that with the AMAZING weather, we got to explore outside. There were bridges and water and fish and just too much... as our friend Angi says... your minds were BLOWN kids. 

Water... whoa. 

Jack thinks it's pretty unreal as well...

This is pretty much a standard picture these days... you running away.

But I think out of all of these pictures and memories that we made yesterday... this one is my favorite. Because you look like a boy. A little boy, who is getting very very grown up.

Oh, and nice job with the haircut mom...

I'm learning! I'll do better next time.


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