Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And We're Back

A few signs that you've been gone too long from home.

* In the past few months, I have done more loads of laundry outside my home than in it.
* A family of birds has started a nest on our front porch. Sadly, I never noticed a thing until I walked in from the airport today and was dive bombed by MamaBird. Grrr.
* There is a weed growing out of our gutter. A WEED? Really? Next thing you know I'll have taken the wheels off the cars and put them up on blocks in the yard.
* Oh the YARD. Yeah that. Roses are in bloom, which was a nice touch, but everything else looks like it hasn't been touched in a month or so. Except for my VEGETABLE GARDEN, which looks like it has been touched... except not by human hands. I made the mistake (apparently) this year of thinking that I could grow things from seed. Ha. I obviously didn't take into account the birds, which have pretty much decimated all but a few of the seedlings I planted in my little planter. Even with the thrown together at the last minute scarecrow I put up last week, its still looking pretty pathetic.
This is pretty much all they left me. Jerks. 
Sigh. Farmer Fitting I am not.

Regardless, it was a great weekend. Easter was, as usual, fun and gluttonous, involving gifts and eggs and trans fats galore. Amazing times, wonderful family, but goodness gracious, it's good to be home.


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