Monday, April 18, 2011

Small Town America

When Brian and I moved up north, people were surprised at the town that we chose. Once called the Egg Basket of the US, it was decidedly more rural than either of us were used to.

We have cows half a mile from our house... Dairies and chickens and farms abound. We are surrounded by sustainable agriculture, people who are passionate about their food and great wine. I think we surprise ourselves every day with how much we love it up here and everything that our small town has to offer.

And this weekend was no exception.

This was Americana at it's finest.

It was really the one the thing I had been waiting for since we moved here. And let me tell you... P-Town did NOT disappoint.

Even better than the parade and the cow chip tossing?

The sheep...

The chickens...

Dancing to the music...

Our amazing friends... (and the beer garden)

And this little frat boy who came to play...

I mean really kid? Look at that swagger?!?! When did you start acting so grown up?

Well, at least you're not too grown up to ride on Daddy's shoulders...

The poster was created by Paperwhite of Petaluma and can be purchased from their store on Kentucky Ave. 


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