Monday, April 4, 2011

When the Cat's Away...

The mice...

Go down the slide with BonBon

Play with the big red ball in the park
(This photo is mildly disturbing, yet hysterical... what is he DOING to that ball?) 

Play with the big red ball in the park
(in a much less obscene way)

Terrorize the whale... and the puppy

Be Cute!!! (like that was a stretch)

So while Brian and I went to a wedding in Galveston a few weeks ago, my parents watched Drew... alone... for the very first time.

I'm glad to report that they were only mildly scarred by the experience (Drew started pinching Bonbon... oops) and have even offered to do it again, much later, once Dad is recovered from this damn surgery.

I just wanted a reminder of what a few weeks ago were like. No surgery, no hospitals, much less stress... just BonBon, PopPop and their Boogie.

Photos courtesy of PopPop... 


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