Friday, May 20, 2011

Birds Conquered, Farming Fail

So far, I've managed to keep the flying spawns of satan out of my garden. They hover but stay, for the most part, out of reach of my little plants.

The solution was easy, once I took a drive. I was inspired by driving the hills of Sonoma, watching the vineyards glitter in the sun. They glitter because of this stuff...

It's called "bird tape" and so far, has been a life saver. It's shiny, it crackles when it blows in the breeze and scares the bejeezus out of any flying vermin that are eyeing my strawberries.

Not to say they haven't gotten a few...

But there hasn't been the kind of All You Can Eat Buffet style destruction that there has been in the past few weeks.

However to prove my ineptitude with gardening even more, I was able to save the few seedlings that had sprouted and I promptly declared them to be BASIL! Lots of basil! Lots of glorious basil for summer eating...

Not basil

However, yesterday as I was looking a little more closely... nope. Looks like the birds didn't eat all my tomato plants, they ate all of the basil plants... and I didn't need to go out and buy three more tomato plants because now I have 17 tomato plants for the summer.
*beats head against wall*

I'm awesome at this.


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