Saturday, May 28, 2011

High School Hottie

So I decided to join the #seniorhottie party that Liz at a belle, a bean and a chicago hot dog is throwing.

Because honestly, who doesn't LOVE embarrassing themselves with photos from high school??? I must admit that I think I burned all of the pictures from freshman year when I looked truly hideous. I mean, perm, bangs, braces... shudder. It's a wonder I survived.

But then it all kind of changed. I got out of the awkward phase and changed into a typical high school girl with a terrible attitude and a penchant for flirting. If you knew me before I got married, then it probably wouldn't shock you to know I was named Class Flirt... along with my bestie Adam.

But high school left me with amazing memories... and I still keep in touch with a TON of those peeps. After all, who can say they went to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology???

(faces have been covered to protect the innocent)

When was it ever cool to wear french braid pigtails?? And not pluck your eyebrows. Yikes.

Probably off to go kill that girl with  my stick. Of course, the only thing I can think when I see this picture is that my damn stick should be on the ground. Sigh.

Wow... that dress... that hair... a waterfall!!! Must be prom.

High School graduation... identical twins... I was the luckiest girl ever.

Oh yeah, and if you wanted to know, that's what my hair color really looks like. :-) 


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