Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Zoo, Trip #532

So we took another trip to San Diego which, as you will have noticed, happens on a fairly regular basis (when my hair starts looking particularly shabby *cough cough*) even when various family members aren't in the hospital. And since we are members at the World Famous, we try to go there as much as possible.

If you didn't know, I worked there for a few years and loved (almost) every single minute of it. There's something so fantastic and magical about the Zoo. The animals, the scenery, the weather... the dysfunction that no one realizes lies just below the surface... And it doesn't hurt that I still have a number of friends that work there. Knowing people on the inside? Definitely has its perks.

Thank you April for bringing out the hedgehog and thank you hedgehog for putting up with my toddler. 

But this trip was different. In the past it's been me, racing around, chasing the Kid, spending two hours MAX until lunch and then racing home. This time we weren't alone.

He's better. Really and truly better and it's so exciting to see. For months, this would have been impossible. Holding Drew would have never been an option, not to mention coming with us to the Zoo and walking what seemed like 3 miles straight up hill.

This was the first time that Drew and PopPop really got a chance to bond. In the past he's been so little, not really ready to play ball, or do big kid things. But now that PopPop is better and Drew is a little man? It's like they are peas in a pod. Throwing the ball together, watching movies with old Navy airplanes, kicking it guy style.

It was awesome to see. So very very awesome.

And not only did that mean that they got to bond on their trip to the zoo but it meant that PopPop got to use his picture taking prowess. Me, in a picture? No way.

Screw the animals Mom, it's an AIRPLANE!!! 

Really Mama... must we?

But while the pictures of the Kid and I were fantastic... it was the pictures of them that were the best part of the day...


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