Friday, June 3, 2011


So apparently, they used to call this place "The Egg Capital of the World" and "Chickaluma".

It used to house the only Poultry Drugstore and was where the egg incubator was invented.

It is SERIOUSLY ag-centric even though we are 45 minutes from the city and I LOVE THAT.

So it's probably apropos that this is sprouting up in our backyard...

Discouraged by the lack of choices out there for chicken coops, the hubs took on the daunting task of building it himself. And only 1.5 days into the project, I'm IMPRESSED! It actually looks like a chicken house and is sturdy enough that I could sleep in there if I wanted to.

These birds are going to be so spoiled.

But now his masterpiece is covered up by a tarp as we wait for the rain to come (WTF it's JUNE) but soon, there will be live chickens in there...

That hopefully lay eggs...

And did you notice the adorable helper he has?


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