Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dad Part 1

Back in the days of superior ultrasound technology, they told my parents that I was going to be boy.

My dad was overwhelmed and excited, prepared to do all the things that Fathers and Sons do together.

Yeah, whoops.

But he took it all in stride, and I became Daddy's girl. When my mother's pigtails had me looking like Pippi Longstocking, it was determined that he was the much better hairdresser. He taught me how to throw a baseball and I taught him how to spot me as I did roundoffs, hurtling down the strip of grass in our backyard. He taught me about airplanes and inspired a love for traveling as we toured the world together.

My Dad has given me so many things... 
My mother gave me my gift of gab, but my Dad gave me the ability to talk to a brick wall. 
My Dad gave me my sensitivity, my ability to cry and do it often (much to my mother's chagrin). 
My Dad gave me the Garrett Ears...

Yeah, not so sure how I feel about that one...

It's been a rough couple of years with Dad... ones that make you realize that your parents are getting older and it sucks. But the best part has been his attitude. Nothing is going to stop him, nothing is going to slow him down. NOTHING will keep him from being a Docent on the Midway or an active member of Coronado Rotary (again, sometimes to my mother's chagrin).

And NOTHING has kept him from being an amazing PopPop to the kiddo. Drew worships him. Thinks that the fact he flew airplanes and helicopters is like, AMAZING and is finally old enough to throw the ball with him in the backyard, just like Dad did with me all those years ago.

When I got married, he had a song already picked out.
"I Loved Her First", by Heartland.
We danced together, and that sensitive soul that he gave me made sure that I was sobbing like a little girl.

Because he was totally right.

I love you Daddy.


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