Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stinky Monkey

You have your children and when they are small, they smell of milk and baby lotion and baby shampoo... It's a smell that is unparalleled. It's a smell that my husband can't seem to get enough of... That smell of new fresh baby, so soft and snuggly and cute.

I still smell that with Drew. I hold him in my lap and sniff his hair and think back to when he was small and he smelled of No More Tears. So fresh and clean and sweet and snuggly... my baby boy who is all grown up.

Then I get a whiff of his feet.

HOLY F**&^(*&%@$#^%.

How does a kid who once smelled like sunshine and unicorns now have feet that smell like an orc?!?! The smell can stop you in its tracks from the door... it's like he is a 2 year old (almost) from the ankles up... but a smelly 90 year old man from there down.

Anyone have any ideas as to what to do with my stinky monkey???

Who... me???


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