Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is It Over Yet?

Having the 4th of July on a Monday is really just a recipe for disaster.

Ok, maybe not so much disaster as much as bone-weary exhaustion from the parties (!) and the parades (!) and the beer (!) and the really subpar but still obnoxiously loud fireworks.

So after being a SUPER DUPER wife and waiting up for the hubby on Friday till midnight, then sitting out back and enjoying wine and conversation for an additional 3 hours (I mean really?) I had an idea of what the weekend might entail. Lots of dragging our lazy asses out of bed at 8:30 in the morning to get the kid, then the damn chickens out of bed. Thank god the kid sleeps in until then. The chickens? Not so much. Instead they give us an earful about how the sun came up HOURS ago and where the f*** have you been and SQUAWK!!!

Listen you little ingrates. You don't lay eggs yet. Be happy I'm not eating you.

The weekend was pretty much a wash-rinse-repeat of Friday Night/Saturday Morning. A little pizza party with wine from the Wine Fairy on Saturday had us dragging our exhausted old bodies out of bed again on Sunday morning, reeling from the lack of sleep and how we just might have been "overserved" the night before. (Damn bartender)

But then... the RIVER on Sunday. Watching this kid play in the water made the exhaustion fade away. Watching him try to convince me that he could, in fact, swim without my help was highly amusing. Once we put a life vest on him? Oh HELLZ yes, I can SWIM Mama! Leave me alone! Don't touch me! Watch me try to go face first into the river and *gurgle gurgle gurgle ack splash WAIL*... It was all very entertaining.
And awesome! And exhausting.

We got home Sunday night, sun soaked and weary to the bones. It was a great day with the family but holy hell, we were beat.

But wait! There's still another day to the weekend. Good God.

So Monday we dragged our getting-older-by-the-minute bodies out of bed and high tailed it up to the Sonoma Parade, where we watched 15 foot shopping carts, karate classes, WWII Vets, and The Hudson Hornet (Toddler Orgasm right there) drive by. It was actually really fun, if not mind blowingly hot. But once again, we survived and enjoyed it.

One BBQ, one block party and a lot of puny fireworks later, it was all over. I had a tremendously exhausted toddler, an incredibly dirty house and about 500 pictures to show for it. All in all, a pretty great weekend.

Now if someone would only bring the bulldozer to clean my house while I catch up on much needed sleep. Thanks.



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