Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Righteously Pissed Off

So if you have followed me for a bit, you know we have four feathered bitches friends that just moved in. You also know that we are having some issues with the girls lately... namely, flying the coop. They are not producing eggs yet, so in my mind that makes them significantly more work than they are worth.

I came home today from a blissfully fabulous three days without the hubs and kid. I love them, but BOYOBOY was it needed. I look so well rested I may just have had a facelift and botox while I was there. (I did not)

The issue with the girls was still there though when I got back.

So instead of sitting down to a nice glass of wine on the patio with the hubs? We got to work.

We put chicken netting all along the top of the coop, basically covering their access to the giant redwood tree they are so happy to roost in every night.

OOOOOOOH BOY. Ever seen chickens when they get pissed off?

Not seconds into having the run enclosed they were testing the boundaries. Looking for chinks in our armor of netting. I was nervous they would find a way, but the hubs was like, "I mean, not like they are velociraptors or anything." HA. Watching one of them army crawl along the top of the fence looking for a way out, we were both speechless. It was like watching National Geographic. An hour passed with all of them trying various ways until they finally decided it was time to give it up and go to bed.

Chickens - 9  Us - 1... for now.

And of course the hubby had to mock them a little bit. Sorry ladies.

And the password is Drew 

Righteously Pissed Off Chickens from ItsFitting on Vimeo.


Lisa said...

LOL! Love Brian's comments.

jeleystorey said...

Wow! What a laugh I had this being the first time I have ever been to your blog site! So glad I did! I don't have the password to watch the video, but your description of the whole scene was so funny! Must read more!

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