Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Blog Social - Looking Back

So, I started this blog four years ago and looking back on it, would change a whole HOST of things if I knew better. But I didn't... And honestly? It started simplyenough. I was getting married and wanted to tell family and friends how the process was going. I was also an event planneer at the time and thought it would be helpful for other brides to see what I was going through.

I think looking back on it though, I wish I had started with a more clearcut goal, as opposed to subjecting family and friends to my rambling posts. I wish that I had thought about a more polished blog design to start, as opposed to the bits and pieces approach I took to changing up the astethics when I felt the urge. Not having either of these things in mind when I started has made it difficult now that I am working more seriously on my blog. It has made it hard to hone in on my ultimate objective because up until now it truly has been the ramblings of a bride, pregnant woman and urban mommy turned farmer.

I guess the point I'm making is that if you want to start a blog? Know what you're going to talk about. Know what your ultimate writing goals are going to be, and try and set yourself up with an aesthetic that follows your theme and personality. Even if you just want to ramble on about your family?? Own that. Make your theme and name and asthetic all about that. But of course, that theme and asthetic might be forever changing. I mean, in the course of a month I could blog about sustainability, urban farming and my kid's poop. It really is a crap shoot. *snicker... pun intended*

I really wish I had done those things from the beginning, because now I'm in kind of a no mans land of constant changes and self doubt. While that sounds dramatic, its true and I think that's the reason why I'm going to BlogHer. So I can focus and hone in on what my goals really are.

I want to know where this crazy ride is going to take me, and how to control the path I take.


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Jessica said...

I had a clear goal for my blog when I started but since then it has changed many times. I'm glad I started with a basic design at first so that when I finally found my voice and what I wanted to blog about I could customize my design to match that. There are so many things we learn after we start blogging.

Missy said...

Good luck at BlogHer! I hope that you get lots of good answers and let us know what you learned! ;)

Liz said...

I hope you have a great time at BlogHer and gain the focus you're hoping for!

Emily Suess said...

Have fun at BlogHer!

We learn so much in the process of blogging don't we? I have to remind myself that it's always going to be a learning curve and there's nothing wrong with finding stuff out the hard way. :)

Jackie said...

I had a goal when I first started blogging, but it changed into something completely different. I agree with Jessica that we learn so much after we start blogging. Good luck at BlogHer!!

laura said...

i think it's hard when you first start out blogging. the direction you want to take, the goals you set for yourself. as you change, your blog changes. when i look back at my first year of posts, i almost want to rewrite them. it took me awhile to find my voice. back then, i didn't really know who i was writing for. once i realized that this blog is really for my kids, my love letter to them, it made all the difference. and making that distinction really helped find my voice.

can't wait to hear all about blogher!! xoxo!

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