Monday, October 17, 2011

Farmer Fitting - Updates

So it's been a long summer. A long summer of traveling and fun, food and friends and neglecting my little vegetable garden.


So while some of my friends have been canning tomato sauce from their oodles and oodles of tomatoes, I sadly, have not. I have rejoiced at the three tomatoes I've gotten and I'm waiting for the 10-15 or so green ones to ripen up and do something. With a little more of this Indian Summer it just might happen (fingers crossed).

My zucchini plant gave me one zucchini and is now in a struggle for survival. We get flowers, but no zucchini. It has been watered, fertilized and loved, but it seems determined to slip it's mortal coil.

The herbs are as usual taking over the boxes. I suggest that if you want to grow thyme, rosemary, mint or oregano? Put them in their own containers since mine seem determined for world, or at least garden bed domination.

The strawberries have taken off, and we got a great yield of Yukon Golds this year... they were AWESOME! If you have ever wondered about how to grow potatoes? Buy the variety of your choosing from the grocery store, then cut it into pieces. Plant each of those pieces and VOILA, you will have potatoes.

Mind blowing, right?

Really the best part of the whole summer was that all four of the chickens are now laying eggs. FINALLY! The last one, Wilma, must have sensed I was about to throw her in the stew pot because she started laying at the end of the summer. It was strange that she was the last to lay, because she has always been the biggest, but I'm just happy she is. She's also had quite the personality change, instead of being an angsty teenager, she's turned into a sweet little bird, albeit with a streak of feisty in her. My painted toenails are fair game for her to see if they are anything tasty to eat, and she's been known to complain... a lot.

The rest of them are mellowing out as well. They come when they are called (which cracks me up), love treats but are still constantly trying to get out. A few weeks ago, instead of trying to go up and over the fence, one of the white ones decided to go under the fence. Really ladies?

But still, they crowd against the fence whenever I'm in the yard, squawking at me to let them out.


With our temporary house guest however, I think I'll keep them in.

"Yum, Chicken."


sophieandmomma said...

Haha Love this post. I wish I could keep chickens and have a garden! :) We're renting right now, and they do not allow us to really "change" the landscape. Chickens might not survive where we live too! Neighbors upstairs have a dog that Loves Chicken too, i bet!

Great post, and really beautiful pictures. I know that it takes skill to get pictures to turn out the way they do!

Following you via GFC and looking forward to reading more from you! Hopping from the Mom Monday Blog Hop--would really love a follow back!

Jen said...

OMG the chickens are great!

Nancy StylenDecorDeals said...

Love the chickens and your temporary house guest!
Very cute blog!
Thanks for hopping by! I'm your newest follower!

Delco Deal Diva said...

Great post! I found you through the Tuesday Hopa nd I am now your newest fan. Hope you will stop by my site to say hi!


The Southern Fried Bride said...

Happy to be following you!

laura said...

i still can't believe you have chickens?! ;) they are pretty cute though!

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