Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Shoes

I looked down at Drew's feet the other day and realized that his shoes looked a little, well, um... tight. Whoops. Looks like when I wasn't looking this kid grew another inch or so in his monster feet.
So we went in to get some new shoes at Stride Rite. (LOVE LOVE LOVE the place. Like, LOVE). They measured him and told me that basically I suck as a parent and my child needed shoes a whole SIZE bigger. Parent of the year over here people.

So we got him his new kicks. A few pairs for the winter and sports and ugh, why are things so damn expensive?!?!

But the point of the story...

His feet look HUGE. Like monstrous things that don't belong to my baby but to some real and proper little boy who is getting so big and nostopIcan'ttakeitanymoreSTOPGROWING.

And for reason I'm sad. And can't stop staring at his feet.

Where did my baby go?

Yes I know the picture is a blurry mess, you try and take pictures of constantly moving toddler feet.

Sigh, all growns up.


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