Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 Days, 1 Wedding, 5 Attempted Flights, One Semi-lost Bag.......

First of all, I have a winner for my Clickin Moms Giveaway!!! Jennifer C, I'll be getting in touch with you on how to sign up... CONGRATS!!! And thank you so much everyone who entered... hopefully I'll have more fun giveaways coming down the pipeline...

So I had a "planes, trains and automobiles" kind of weekend and suffice it to say I'm a wreck. My lost bag was found and the weekend was great, but WHOA I am tired.

I went back East to the wedding of a dear friend, an old friend from High School, with whom I shared drama, emotion, college and a myriad of other things. Let's just say I'm happy that we made it to this point.

The wedding was a reunion of sorts for me, a chance to see my friends on the East Coast that I'm not really able to see anymore and to realize that with some people, a good friendship will never die. I can't believe that years later, after only minimal communication and some posts on Facebook, you can pick back up where you left off. And it makes me very very happy.

Of course, things have changed. There are different girlfriends, wives (all of whom I adore), babies, new careers, grown up lifestyles. But yet, these dear friends from High School and College are still the same. Are still my friends. And it made me really really happy.

I don't know when I'll see them again. But I hope that it's soon, as this mini-reunion made me realize why I was friends with them in the first place... and that with the other friendships I've had that have come and gone, these ones are still firmly in place.

And with me living in wine country I don't think it's going to be a hard sell...

Love you guys.

Old pics of the gang...


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