Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back in Business - Farmer Fitting

Things are finally starting to get back to normal after my whirlwind travels of last week.

Well, sort of anyway. I'm still buried in a pile of laundry, the house is slowly coming back together, my brain is still halfway fried from alcohol consumption but I'm GETTING there.

And it's been cold around these parts. I came home to a broken heater (wtf) so it's been REAL cold around these parts. 32 degrees in the morning. A frost that is trying to kill my last, dwindling tomato plants (because of course there are still tomatoes in November, this is CALIFORNIA people).

Holy shit is this WINTER? Nah. Winter around here means buckets and buckets of rain... and since I have been out of town for all of it so far, I'm firmly denying it. But we are very firmly entrenched in Fall. And I love it.

I love the rustle of the leaves as we go for walks. The color of the trees and the funny way that the light has changed to make a sky that isn't really the same color blue as it is during the summer.

But with the advent of another, different, growing season, I am at a loss. I don't know how to grow stuff in non-Summer and Spring months. I assume that things CAN be grown around here during the Fall and Winter... after all, it really doesn't get that cold most of the time. But what?

I planted greens, some hopefully hardy Lacinato Kale, swiss chard, and I'm trying to keep the lettuce alive for a little bit longer. I planted broccoli, but some asshat animal (bird, chicken?) has eaten it. (I just planted it last week. I mean REALLY? )

So I guess the question is, what do I plant now? Do I try to jerry-rig a greenhouse of sorts? Are there vegetables that will survive the winter here in Northern CA?

Help me internet!

I know I have access to Google. I know that all I have to do is look it up. But I want to know what your favorites are. What do you do during the winter, besides turn your compost pile and wish for Spring? How have you found success in planting during these months?

Give me your wisdom, I demand it.

At least I'm successful at 4 things. I swear, we have eggs coming out of our eyeballs.

Anybody want some?


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