Monday, November 21, 2011

Bringing Sexy Back - GIVEAWAY

Big, full sexy lips. Pouty. Angelina lips.

I do not have these.
Help, I have no lips...

And let's be totally honest, if you've seen my mother, you know that it's really only going to get worse... Sorry Mom, but I didn't win that genetic lottery.

The most depressing thing is whatever fullness I've ever had (read:not much) has started to dissipate as I get older. Having just turned 32 I can attest that getting older (at least physically) sucks. Hard.

A month ago though I had a turn of good fortune in the shape of a dear friend... A dear friend who happens to be a rep for Rodan and Fields. She graciously and without (too much) judgement offered me some help.

The Rodan and Fields Anti Age Lip Renewing Serum with the Amp MD roller.

The Amp MD Roller is a "non-abrasive, instrument with embedded surgical grade, acupunture-type, stainless steel microneedles which painlessly create micro-channels in the uppermost skin layer", while the lip serum is a blend of peptide technology and antioxidants. When used together, these two are a super power in the fight against flat, colorless, totally un-sexy lips.

Now - I'll be honest. I was nervous about the roller. But being a person who is deathly afraid of needles, I can swear to you I felt no more than a tingle when I rolled that baby over my lips, and once I applied a half amp of the serum I was good to GO! Twice a day I did this and said a little prayer to the lip plumping gods that something would happen, that I would wake up one morning looking... well, a little pouty-er at the least.

And holy crap, I saw it. I saw a difference. My lips got fuller and softer, the color came back into them, they became less scaly... (scaly? Good lord, it's a miracle my husband ever kissed me) but it worked! They looked sexier, pouty-er and even my lipgloss and stain went on smoother.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. Rodan and Fields are the docs behind Proactiv and everyone has been talking about them lately. Places like, The Today Show, Harpers Bazaar and even the Little Henhouse! I mean, honestly, can't go wrong there.

But the best part of all this? I get to share it with you! Because of my amazing friend I get to give you some sexy full lips! You know you want them... And you know whoever you are smooching on New Years Eve wants them too.

One lucky reader will get a 60 day supply of the anti Age Renewing Lip Serum (a $53 value!!) and entering the giveaway is easy cheesy.

All you need to do to enter is let me know if you want some new, sexy lips... and if you're feeling really feisty, who you're going to kiss with them on NYE.

For a few additional entries you can
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- Like Rodan and Fields on Facebook
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Those are all extra just make sure that you use the Rafflecopter below to let me know you've done it!

And for those of you who just want to get a jump on your new lips, or even want to try out some of their other amazing products, my friend Chris is also offering preferred customers 10% off plus free shipping!! Get over to her site and order some products before Christmas!

If you click on that link they will also give you a customized skin care regimen... go for it!!! God knows I'm going to be clicking on that to minimize the monster pores I saw in those close ups I took. OMG. Scary.

So get some of those deluscious lips that you've always dreamed of... Whomever you're kissing will thank you.

The Rodan and Fields Rep provided me with the product but beyond that, no compensation was provided for this review. All opinions are my own.


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