Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hangover Part 3

I must have delusions that I am 23 again.

Trust me, when I look in the mirror I do not look 23, or anywhere remotely close to it.

If this is so, please explain to me, why I HAD to go that crazy this weekend. Why I HAD to stay out till 4 am at the wedding on Saturday. Why I HAD to have that last martini at midnight. Ouch.

It was phenomenal. So fun. Exhilarating to dance, and get dressed up and party like the rockstar I used to be.

I am not a rockstar anymore. I do not "bounce" back the way I used to. It is Monday, 36 hours, give or take, since the madness. I feel sleepy, exhausted and befuddled.

Yes befuddled.

But also happy. Happy to have witnessed the marriage of two dear friends. To have danced with them, their families and guests. To have stayed up way too late, partied way too hard and made way too many new friends. 

Because life as a SAHM can sometimes get monotonous. Can be the grind, over and over. Another week of cleaning the house, soccer practice, the gym, playgroup. Another week of planning meals, trips to the farm, running errands.

And sometimes it doesn't hurt to throw a little party time in there. A little greasy food, a little headache. A little downtime on the couch, snuggling with the hubby and the kid, remembering (or not) the fun times you had the night before.

Now could someone get me an aspirin please?


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