Friday, May 23, 2008

4-21-2008 Back on Track

Now that I am out of event hell, I can actually start planning the wedding again!! Luckily there isn't too much to do, but still, it will be nice to get to work on it. Hopefully the invites will be ordered soon and then in a few months we will be sending them out! It's totally crazy to think that we are so close to the date. only 4.5 months to go. Wow.

So I survived chairing an event for Children's Hospital... barely. Mom and I decided to co-chair the event together before I switched jobs to come to UCSD. Yeah... my schedule was significantly less flexible once I got here... damn. So we had a fashion show and luncheon to benefit the Ernest Hahn Critical Care Unit of Rady Children's Hospital. It was intense... to say the least... and very society. Only the week before Mom and I had worked on the 35th annual Crew Classic Regatta - we have GOT to stop. Brian has put the kibosh on me doing any charity work for about a year... At least that I have to chair. :-)


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