Friday, May 23, 2008


Oh my goodness
So my ring came yesterday... courtesy of my amazing parents and incredible fiance.

Little background story on this... we waited to pick out a ring after we got engaged and had it designed at Derco in San Francisco, which is an amazing place in the diamond district that Brian's sister Bridget hooked us up with. However, they had to make it, which was going to take a while. Also, we decided to have it sent to Brian's sister Lara's house to save on the tax (Brian is a genius). So, long story short, the ring arrived at Lara's house yesterday (almost 10 weeks later, I was DYING). But with Brian's broken hand, he couldn't fly to Phx to get it like we had originally planned.

So, after being a total pill about the fact that I couldn't get it (after months of waiting very patiently apparently I couldn't take it anymore ;-) ) and Brian teasing me NON STOP... my father walked in the door, from the airport last night, WITH MY RING. He had flown to Phx to get it and Lara's husband Andy had AMAZINGLY driven in rush hour traffic to bring it from their house.

I am truly surrounded by amazing family and THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I wish I could take a picture to send it to everyone because the ring is amazing. SOOOO amazing. Anyway, I just wanted to tell everyone how incredible it is to be surrounded by such awesome family... I love you guys!

I have some HORRIBLE fuzzy pics of it... and hopefully will get some better ones taken soon... at least for insurance purposes...I LOVE IT!!!!


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