Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bachelorette Round 2

So the day commenced by us driving into the beautiful Santa Ynez countryside and finding our first winery... Firestone. Sadly, there was no hot Andrew Firestone to pour our wine for us but we still managed to drink it :-) It was fabulous and where I made my first purchases of the day...
After approximately 6 tastes of wine, I achieved my first inkling of a shampoo buzz as well :-) But no matter, we still took some adorable pics and I managed to maintain sobriety buoyed by the fact that I had eaten a ridiculous amount of corned beef hash for breakfast :-)
Of course once the tasting had ended there, we were in the car and back on the road to winery numero dos... also known as Curtis winery.
Another wonderful tasting room and fun purchases were made (of the alcohol variety by myself and Casey and of the gift shop variety by Annie and Juliet... can't begrudge the pregnant lady presents... specially when she has to sit and watch us all drink... *sigh*).

After Curtis, of course another was at hand, this one less stellar - to the point that we went in, dumped most of the wine that we tasted and left the glasses... which by the way, thank you ladies, I know have a million of and Brian is going to kill me. :-) 'Preciate it.

By this point, it was determined that food might be necessary, especially since at this point in the day, I was starting to get a little bleary... but NO matter... on to the next one!!!

Bridlewood was everything that Casey said it was... gorgeous outside, amazing estate, good wine... the pourers were a little pushy, but then again, the tasting room had the feel of a crowded bar... it was a little bit crazy to be honest.
We had a great time, but again... FOOD was the ever present need... especially with the fact that we had a ravenous pregnant woman and a getting-drunk bachelorette. :-)

This is where things start to get a little fuzzy (note awful picture below)... especially since we found a place to eat, also found a street fair/farmers market and then found a restaurant owner and his lecherous friend that gave me more wine... stupid stupid people.

Also, if lecherous friend's wife ever reads my blog... your husband is a dirtbag... he tried to convince me that it was ok to put his hand on my knee even though he was, a) married, b) had kids and I was c) very happily engaged. I promptly reminded him of all of those facts in front of the entire table of people... ahhh, let the wine flow... :-)

So after a long, wonderful day of winetasting with my friends, we ended the evening at a wonderful restaurant and capped off the night with a trip to the honkytonk bar...

Much love to my dear friends Annie, Casey and Juliet for taking me on an amazing, wine-filled trip that was TONS of fun!!!

Love you ladies!!


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