Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Family

So I realize that I have been a little remiss in my blogging. I do have new pictures of the kitchen to show everyone, as well as stories of my new family who came to visit last week. Pictures will follow eventually but for now, I figure I'll paint the image with words :-)

So our house was finished the Thursday before we left for Mike and Bonnie's wedding. Super great timing as we left for the entire weekend and then had 2 days to get the house together for the arrival of my future sister-in law Lara, and niece and nephew, Noah and Sarah. I would like to say that I was a huge help in putting the house back together but that would be a bold-faced lie.

I left for work in the morning and would come home to a miraculous transformation every night. That would be, until I walked into our bedroom where I was greeted by a GINORMOUS pile of clothes, books, what-have-you, that I was told to sort through and put away. NOW.

Now, if you know and love me, you know that I love to make piles. I can't help it, it's just a thing that I do... and probably the most annoying thing to Brian that he could possibly imagine. Thank god he loves me AND my idiosyncrasies... Bu
t we have definitely had a few good rounds over it though. So in two days, while he and my mother KILLED themselves to get the house family ready... I came home every night and sorted through piles and piles of clothes. Now mind, you, all it actually required was me putting stuff away... but I still had kind of an attitude about it. I have decided that when I want to be (or even when I don't) I can really be a selfish twit... must work on that...

But other than that self-evaluation, big kud
o to Brian and my mother who had the house looking ABSURDLY good and even rearranged furniture to make our living room look twice as big. YAY!
The kids and Lara showed up on Wednesday and Brian promptly took them all to the beach. This is a huge treat for them since they live in Scottsdale and I think the daily high that week was something absurd like 110 (i may be exaggerating but it makes the story better :-) ) Coming home that night was AWESOME as I had two dogs, two kids and two other grown-ups in the house with me... We played Wii (LOVE that thing) and Sarah and I read a bedtime story to Madison (the dog) and just had an overall wonderful time.

They were there for two days and we had such a good time that they are coming back on their way down from Marin. Lucky for me thou
gh, I will see them all this weekend when I go up to Marin for a shower that my other future sister in law Brigit is throwing me. I can't wait to have such a big new family!!! I'm inheriting 2 new sisters with their husbands and kids, a little bro (who is my age) and a great mother in law. That also doesn't include the 15 or 20 aunts and uncles and the 50 or so cousins...

Can't wait and we are 1 month and 3 weeks away!!!
This is Sarah and Maddy -bonding... Madison sloooowly warmed up. And I think Sarah wanted to stuff her into her suitcase and take her home :-)


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