Monday, July 14, 2008

Mike and Bonnie's Wedding

So it was with GREAT joy that Brian and I drove up to Santa Barbara on the 3rd of July for the wedding of Mike Mrstik and Bonnie Berge. We headed up about 7pm on Thursday the 3rd, expecting to hit, HORRENDOUS traffic as we joined the rest of the world on the trip north. And we were DEAD WRONG. It amazingly took us 3:45 to get up there... The main reason was more that likely the fact that there were terrible fires burning just north of SB in Goleta so most people weren't too keen on the idea of heading that way.

We made it up there around 11:00pm and immediately headed out to the bar... where everyone had been for hours... 30 minutes later, we were back at the hotel, in bed, gearing up for a crazy weekend!!

Friday was an amazing 4th of July. It started with breakfast with our friends Thomas my new friend Erica (his girlfriend) and their buddy Rich at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara... A.M.A.ZING. Great food, the mimosas were flowing and it was fun to get to know Thomas (aka Booger) 's girlfriend... she's a total rockstar!!!

Thomas and Erica

We moseyed around some more that afternoon, visiting friends and finally gearing up to go to dinner at the Santa Barbara Brewing Company. Needless to say, it was a RIP roaring time... as you can tell by the pictures... we all had a blast!

The next afternoon, we joined with all of Mike and Bonnie's family and friends to watch them get married at the Mrstik's AMAZING house in Montecito. The view was incredible, the bride and groom looked incredible and we had a great time with our old and new friends!!! Brian earned a nickname as the "Dancing Queen" as we prep-stepped and pretzeled all over the place... Too bad my wedding dress probably won't be light enough for us to go that fast at OUR wedding.

Mike and Bonnie even kept teasing Brian and I, telling us that we were next... I can't WAIT!! Only a few more months to go!!!


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