Tuesday, July 1, 2008

T-Minus 2 days

It is almost here!! The day when the contractor and the tile guy and the rest of the crap will be out of my house so I can enjoy my BEEEEEAUTIFUL kitchen and bathroom.

So I went in there on Friday once the tile guy had finished the kitchen and once the granite was in.


We have a grown up house now... the rest of it looks a little juvenile (note to self... must get rid of couches you inherited from Keetay Beckner in LA) but the kitchen is GORGEOUS. The countertops are unreal... and the colors all look amazing together!!! I'm SO excited with the way that it all came together. The granite color is Colonial Cream if anyone was interested. It's gorgeous and the cherry cabinets bring out all of the reds and golds... amazing.

So while I didn't love the bathroom, the grout really softened it up and it looks great. The tile was absolutely beautiful and it matches the walls and the floors and everything!!!
Today, appliances go in... YAAAAAAY. They are all new and shiny and I will have a dishwasher. Many pictures will be taken of that amazing piece of machinery... YIPPEE


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