Friday, June 27, 2008


So we have floors in the kitchen... kind of. They are not grouted and the cabinet doors are only going in today. We are about a week behind where they said that we would be, which is frustrating, but there is not much to be done about it.
Everyone had told us ahead of time that this would happen... but I really didn't believe them. Sadly, the reality is, when you have to coordinate all of the schedules of the workmen, etc... it's a little bit like herding cats. But here are pics of the lovely floors (not finished of course) and the granite will go in today... which I will take pictures of as soon as I get in. (don't freak out about the white spots... those are just drips from the grout water which they will clean up later)

I also made my first rookie mistake with the remodel. I picked out tile that i thought would look great and when it went up... omg... I hated it. Here it is below... the tile on top of the lestalle was way too busy and it looks retarded... I should have picked this option... but I was stubborn.Granted the top one has started to grow on me a little bit and as Brian says... it's our guest bathroom, when are we ever going in there ;-) I said that to the contractor and he was mortified... but it's fine. The grout definitely helped and I have learned a VALUABLE and expensive lesson...

Even better news, Brian is coming home tomorrow and we are going to spend our first night in the house (even though it's all still ripped apart) in almost 6 weeks. YAY!

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Bryan Guido Hassin said...

HEY! *I'LL* be in the guest bathroom, thank you very much!

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