Monday, July 28, 2008

Shower Weekend in SFO

So I have been waiting for pictures from my friend Michelle, but since she has YET to send them to me (evil eyeball) I will update everyone on the amazing shower that my future sisters-in-law threw me the weekend of the 19th.

So I flew up to SFO on the afternoon of the 18th, getting off early from work since our retreat finished early (go work!!) I hauled BUTT up to the airport and made the 4 o'clock flight up to SFO. Being cheap and broke, I decided not to take a taxi (since Brian wasn't picking me up) and took the super shuttle instead. Note to all people going into the city - do NOT take the Super Shuttle. My 25 minute ride instead took me about an hour and while I tried not to throw up from car-sickness and the crazy driver regaled all of us with stories about her dead beat son and her political views. Ugh.

An hour later, I showed up at Michelle's AMAZING apartment in San Fran and was met at the door by Brian, Michelle, Des and her boyfriend. It was great to see everyone and a little bit overwhelming when the doorbell started ringing and hordes of people started showing up. Now you have to imagine that I have met all of these people once and don't remember anyone's name... they have also ALL known each other since high school. But luckily for me, I have an outgoing personality :-) (who knew) and managed to survive the evening.

The next morning, thoroughly exhausted and hung over, Brian and I drove to his mom's house to sleep, while the rest of the family went on a hike. Sorry to Lara, Andy and the kids, since I was making gutteral noises and pointing to the couch at that point... soooo tired. My body cannot survive a 3:00am bedtime... who do I think I am?????

That evening was the best. My parents had driven up from San Diego to enjoy a weekend hanging with the Fitting families and got a chance to come to Kathy's house to meet everyone... and I mean everyone :-) We had a great time, and got some great pictures with the family!!!

The next morning, Lara and Brigit hosted an amazing wedding shower for me and I was inundated with beautiful and wonderful gifts from many of the Fitting family friends. I had an amazing time and couldn't be luckier to get such a great family!!! Being an only child, it's so exciting that I get a younger brother and two older sisters, not to mention great nieces and nephews!!! So excited to be a Fitting!! And the best part is, that my family fits right in!! Here's to many more joint family parties!!!


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