Sunday, August 3, 2008


So like there hasn't been enough drama going on these days... I have discovered a new friend.
While having dinner with Stacy a few nights ago, we heard a little teeny kitty meow. It kept meowing until we found it, sitting on the roof of the house. We plucked it off the fence and it purred and sat in our laps and just loved on us a little bit.
A few days passed and last night, the kitty came back. He has spent the weekend with me now and I think has adopted me as family. :-) He is a super sweet little purr monster and pretty young. Stacy and I think he is a "He" since he's a calico... female calicos are very rare.

Anyhoo, we named him Mittens because of his little white sock feet.. well that name is hard to say all the time and has been morphed to Mitsi/Mits. He's a sweetheart and laying on my bed right now. He extremely comfortable in the house already, as you can see by the pictures... he's already taking over the couch!!! But, I think he's my new friend to keep me company while Brian is away.

On a sad note, I just sent Brian off to work again for another 2.5 weeks. That means when he comes back the wedding will be about 2 weeks away... *sigh* I miss him :-(

So I think that this is going to be an interesting dynamic when the dogs come back to the house... oy :-)


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