Monday, August 11, 2008

Less than a Month

You have got to be joking right? Less than a month left? Oy.

So this was a pretty busy wedding weekend... Friday night was me sitting at home with the cat watching the Olympics. I am such a winner :-) But, of course, the opening ceremonies were AMAZING and I was incredibly impressed with how beautiful it all was.

But more importantly, Saturday came around and it was time for the final dress fitting!!! So Mom and I had scheduled the appt for 9:45 in the morning, and then we were going to drive like maniacs down to a baby shower in Coronado for my friend Amy. We showed up at the seamstress' shop , Rosalinds (I love her) and she pulled out my gorgeous gorgeous dress. Now, the last time we had seen her (Fitting #2) she had bustled the dress and it had almost fallen down. oops. So I knew that this time she would have tightened it up considerably so that there would be no movement whatsoever. So she goes to start zipping it up and closing the eye-hooks and I'm having a small panic attack. It was SO tight that I couldn't breathe and my mother who is standing behind me is making comments under her breath about back fat or something :-) Yeah, it was NOT pretty. I am not a big girl, but it's amazing what can squeeze out and over when something is that tight. Ouch.

So luckily, Rosalind is a complete rockstar and was like... too tight? Hold on, and got a pair of scissors. Of course I'm thinking omg, she is going to have to cut me out of this dress or something AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Instead, a series of small snips later, the damn thing fit. What do ya know.
It's amazing. It's perfectly balanced so that now I feel like I could pick the darn thing up and run with it... despite how crazy heavy it is.

So the dress came home with me!! Or rather, went home with my mother so Brian won't see it. Actually the funny part is, I don't think he would ever look for it, but I can see myself having a glass of wine too many and WANTING to show him how awesome it is. Well, only 3.5 more weeks until he can figure that out for himself. :-)

So that was most exciting and then we hightailed it to Amy Jones' baby shower in Coronado. It was amazing, Amy looked great and there were so many cute presents and games and good Coronado gossip :-)

Sat night was spent partying my ass off with Stacy, Greg, Libby and Brian. Nothing better than sitting in a sports bar, drinking beer and having the whole bar cheering on the Olympics. So awesome.

The Sunday was more exciting wedding stuff (not really). With a little bit of a headache I headed over to my parents house so that we could start working on invitations for the brunch, invitations for the luncheon on Friday and menu cards. Amazingly enough, Target had BEAUTIFUL cards that came out really really well and looked like we had had them professionally printed!! So awesome!!!

Then, because we are crafty, we decided that we are going to make the menu cards ourselves. A ruler, a board, a rotary cutter and several expletives later, we had finally put together the first card. Only 174 to go!!! I think we're going to get Kinkos to cut them because honestly, I'll kill someone if I have to do this.

So all in all a good weekend and completely and totally insane that we are getting married in 3.5 weeks. YAY I get to be Mrs. F!!! So cool.


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