Monday, August 25, 2008

Fo Real???

Ok, so I'm really trying not to freak out completely... don't get me wrong - I am completely enamored with Brian and STOKED to marry him. I just can't believe that it is happening in 12 days.

All of those glorious plans I had in my head are starting to either come together, or sound completely absurd as we try to muddle through the logistics... and as much as I love my mom, her comments of "oh we'll get someone to take care of that" aren't helping. With 12 days to go... WHO will take care of that huh?? Because is sure as heck ain't going to be any of our family or Brian's family. Oy. My stomach is in knots and I have an event on Wednesday for work... of course I do.

It's all just enough to make my stomach hurt for a few days. Hey, maybe I'll lose a few pounds :-)

The best part is this though... the view from our ceremony site... it's calming me down already...
We had an amazing weekend though of showers and festivities so I'll blog about that later... after I have my nervous breakdown. :-)


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