Monday, August 25, 2008

Shower Weekend - Number 2!!

Our hosts

So this weekend was amazing! Old family friends, Dean and Miss Morgan, and Diane McKeever, threw Brian and I an amazing shower on Friday night at my parents' house. It was Hawaiian themed, with leis for everyone and mai tais (good lord) and tons of yummy food!! It was our first couples shower and it was great fun to have Brian there to share in the party and to have everyone stare at him while we opened presents... now you know how it feels (SUCKA!!)
The Zoo Crew

So the party was great and an amazing mix of friends and family. We had the Zoo crowd, and our neighbors, and some of Brian's friends and it was chaos... but really wonderful and we have such amazing family and friends that were so amazingly generous.
I love drinking out of vases :-)

After plenty of craziness that night, the next morning, Brian and I got up early, I dropped him off at the airport and I hightailed it up to Los Angeles for another wedding shower; this one was actually for my bridesmaid Casey, as HER wedding will be the 28th of September. There's something in the water I tell ya. Anyway, it was a beautiful party thrown at the Jonathan Club in Santa Monica and it was incredible to see and reconnect with old LA friends and to see Casey looking so happy. Although I think she's in the same kind of OMG-it's-how-far-away-how-can-i-possibly-get-it-together-by-then mode as I am :-)

Then to cap off the weekend, we spent last night at Concert in the Park, celebrating dad's birthday...



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