Thursday, August 28, 2008

Like, No Way

Ok- was that Valley Girl enough for you? Should I throw in a good "gag me with a spoon"?
9 days to go. Unreal. I know it sounds like I'm obsessing about the counting... At least that's what Brian says ... But I think I'm just so excited to marry and spend the rest of my life with him!!

We sat up after I came home from (another successful) work event and talked about it. We are both so worry-free about this because we know that it's the perfect match. We just can't wait to be married. It makes me laugh to look at the pictures of when we first met and think, "Wow, I had NO clue we'd be here 3.5 years later." It's an exciting step to be making...

Ok, enough cheese... :-)

So our relationship however will be tested when we try to figure out... (cue scary music) THE SEATING for the wedding. We are going to essentially "hard ticket" (to use a term from my premiere planning days) 185 people... oy. Should be fun!!

A note to any bride-to-be's out there... if you are doing assigned tables, there is a really easy way to go about it. Print out all of your guests on little return address labels... then attach those to post its. Get paper plates, as many as you are going to have tables... Then just start sticking people on! The post-its mean that you can stick and remove and stick again if you have to shuffle people... Just say it, I'm a GENIUS.

Brian will be around until Monday so I'm looking forward to both a productive and relaxing weekend for us. Then next week will be the wedding festivities... all 97 that my mother is planning. I can't believe that our guests will start arriving on Wednesday.

It's just around the corner!!!


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