Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rough Week

Ok, first and foremost congrats to Annie and Corey for their Sweet Caroline Moore who was born last saturday... YAY! Can't wait to meet her!!

I just need to survive the wedding first.

So this week has been crazy. My poor friend and bridesmaid Casey injured herself quite badly on Monday and after surgery to fix her arm will not be able to be in the wedding. I totally understood and was just happy that she was ok. My friend Annie Evans has agreed to take her place and has been a real trooper. So happy that I am surrounded by such wonderful friends.

So other than that snafu -things have been ok... until about 20 minutes ago. Apparently, Brian went to go pick up the tuxes and they were CONSIDERABLY more than we had thought they would be. I of course go run to a contract to look it up... um, yeah, we never signed one. So, apparently they had to "special order" them and that made them cost more. Needless to say, Brian is PISSED and I have left a few messages for the tux place. I'm not very happy and starting to get very stressed out... *sigh* Things will be fine and I am having a glass of wine to decompress.

The funny thing is that for the most part, things have been ok this week. I am SOOOO glad that I took the week off of work, because there has been a lot to do... and it's been nice having the chance to spend time with my family and friends that have come into town early. We had family dinner for my side last night and tonight we are going to gather up some friends and have some mexican food. If I can calm down from the tux debacle things will get better. I'm definiely a little bit FIRED UP right now though... ugh. Not the way I wanted to be... I kind of just wanted to veg before dinner... now I'm pacing like a freaking tiger. DAMNIT.



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