Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cheesy Post... if you gag easily, you might not want to read this.


So I have been thinking about this a lot lately and thought I'd blog about it. Especially since I have friends that are on the threshold of getting engaged and are kind of confused and worried and unsure of what they want exactly. So to be completely candid... Being married takes WORK. :-) It takes hard work that sometimes you don't want to do, but you do it because you love the other person and not to work at it means you have given up... and giving up is for LOSERS :-)

It is amazing to me that Brian and I are now in the stage where fights are going to happen, but its ok. We negotiate, we air our opinions, we get to say things like... "WHY didn't you walk the dogs even though you said you would" and everyone is compromising...

I know that for all of the married people out there, they are rolling their eyes and laughing at how naive this all must sound. But I feel connected to this man... connected enough to say, I'm pissed that you left your dishes in the sink, but I still think you're amazing and I love you. I also feel secure enough in our love (gags heard around the world) that a knock down drag out fight isn't going to send me into hysterics that it's all over. Dude, I'm like a freaking BARNACLE, so he's not getting rid of me that easy :-)

Not that he would ever want to.

So, yes, married life is work. But its also fun work. It's working out what next steps you are going to take and how to balance the budget of life together... It's knowing that things are hard right now, the world's economy is going to crap and all hell is breaking loose... but that you get to look back in 10 years and realize that you got through that all together... And life only continues to get better every single day.

So marriage is a big step. A huge step that shouldn't be taken lightly. But at the same time, it makes you that much better, that much more well-rounded than you were before. If you find the right person... you are now one half of a whole... and it feels awesome.


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