Monday, October 6, 2008

2008 Miramar Air Show

Fat Albert - Blue Angels

So Brian was home this weekend (YAY) and we got the chance to attend the 2008 Miramar Air show. It was AWESOME!!! Big thanks to Boomar, Blue and Profile for getting us great tickets to the Patriot VIP chalet... we were front and center for some of the coolest flying I had ever seen. Blue was announcing and Profile flying the demo for the F-18 superhorne
t... pretty darn cool.
This is Profile :-)

Of course, it just made me realize how incredibly sexy my husband is :-) Yeah, that's right... he can DO that stuff.

Also, we had an opportunity to watch a demo of the F22 Raptor and I tell you what, the airforce has some SEXY planes. I have awesome pictures from that demo... i mean, the stuff this thing can do is UNREAL. Click here to see from You Tube footage... that is one sexy bitch :-) This is ABSURD... and no, the picture is not rotated
This is the Air Force Legacy Flight

The Viper :-)

Our friend Spur was just picked up by the Blue Angels so we were lucky enough to meet up with her and to also watch the Blues fly. Impressive as always, although I have to say, Fat Albert is my favorite part. Fat Albert is their C-130 that travels with them... that plane is BIG and they do maneuvers with it that made me want to barf... or at least NOT be in the back during those maneuvers. Ugh.


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